Thank you

Thank you to all the folks who came out in the wind and cold and rain to support me at my Grand opening. I think it was a success. Hopefully the next time we do an event the weather will cooperate.

I cannot thank Corey Dunn, Pam and Fred Falbo and my wonderful Library ladies enough for all the love encouragement and handholding that they have done in the past couple of months. I could not have pulled this off without you.

To my wonderfully talented husband, I love you more than I can even put into words for putting up with me and for all your hard work and artistic talent in getting this going.

I am truly grateful to you all!

Dreams really do come true!!

 So tomorrow I am making a lifelong dream come true I am sharing my art. I have always wanted to do this but never had the courage to do it before. I owe a lot of people for the support I have gotten over the past few months, mainly my wonderful hard working husband who has built what I need and helped calm my nerves and pull me back down to earth.  To my fellow artists who have told me over and over that I am talented and my work is worth sharing I swear I could not have done it without you  Let the adventure begin!!!

This little music box will be the prize in our grand opening. Just come by the store and enter. You do not have to be present to win and no purchase is necessary but if you buy something you get another chance to win.  To make it even more fun I am giving you a chance to win one by sharing and liking my Facebook page Blowing Smoke Pyrography.

There is a chance of rain on Saturday but that is not going to stop us. There will be donuts and coffee available and some of us are bringing our ukuleles to jam a little.

Also, there will be 2 guest artist showing there work, Corey Dunn and Pam Falbo will have tents set up to give you an awesome opportunity to see their beautiful work.

After the grand opening, I will be using this blog to inform about pyrography with some background info and some little demos. I will be doing a small demo at the shop on Saturday and I am always available to help if anyone wants to learn this fun crafty art!

That’s all for today I hope to see you all on Saturday.

The countdown has begun!!!!

I will have to admit I am getting a little bit excited about the grand opening. I hope it will be a success but more importantly, I hope it can get a movement started for the artist in the area. My goals for this store is not just to get my stuff out there for people to enjoy but to also help others get their stuff out there. I know that opening a store is not a thing that a lot of crafters can do but if I can help them sell their handmade goods then maybe it will encourage others to branch out and start to sell their things.

I hope to have some workshops in the future to maybe help some new crafters in the community. I have so many talented friends who can do so many cool things so I say let’s start a revolution and get these artist moving!!!

Grand opening

I am getting excited about the grand opening. The store is almost ready and I have been burning like a mad woman. We will have a few guest artist and a demonstration as well as a great door prize. We might even have a little ukulele music to brighten our day. I am very happy to be able to share my passion for art and all things creative with my community. If you have something that you hand make and would like to bring it to the shop to possibly have it for consignment come on by Saturday and let’s talk!!

Oh the joys of technology!!!

I am not the best at figuring out the ins and outs of websites and blogs and such so I have a bit of a time with trying to get things posted so that you guys can see it. I have the video up of the music box on the Facebook page and will try to get it on Instagram and Twitter later.

I have spent the entire day getting an inventory spreadsheet done in excel and I only wanted to throw the computer out the window a dozen times, that is down from yesterday. I hope to spend the day tomorrow doing something a little less stressful like burning in my shop.

The store opens in a little over a week and there is still so much to be done but I do work better under pressure so I should be flying through my to-do list with the speed of light.

The bright spot of my week will be the day I get to spend with the Granddaughters on Thursday.

I am also looking forward to Church of the Highlands on Friday night. Easter is my most favorite time because then I am reminded that the battle has been won and I am only passing through on my way to glory!!

Music boxes

I got all the music boxes burned today and tomorrow I will put in the mechanisms and seal them. I will post pics on the Blowing Smoke Facebook page and on my personal page as well as in my blog tomorrow.

The grand opening is getting closer and closer and I am trying to get a lot done in a little time. I truly think all the hard work will be well worth it.

Music boxes coming soon

I am on my way to the shop to work on some new music boxes. I may have a couple at the grand opening and one will be a door prize. Make sure you come by on April the 7th from 9 am till 3 pm and register for a chance to win one of these wonderful little boxes. This is a $20 value and makes a wonderful gift.  I will post a picture and video later this evening or tomorrow!

How I became a pyromaniac!! (in a good way)


I first started burning way back when I was trying to find a craft to love and be committed to. At the time I was doing Gourd art and was using a wood burner to create on my gourds. Fast forward many years and my daughter in laws father started showing his wood-burning craft on Facebook and I thought ooh I can do that!!! So I hunted down my old burner got some craft wood and started to burn. I fell in love before too long I was burning like a crazy person (pyromaniac) I invested in a really good burner and started to show off my work to my friends and fellow crafters. They encouraged me to sell my work.

My husband owns his own welding business and I sort of took over a part of his shop and made it my workspace. I then turned our office that is in a separate building into a retail space. Now on April the 7th I will be having my grand opening.  It is a very small space but I hope to introduce my small community to the beauty and uniqueness of Pyrography

  1. the art or technique of decorating wood or leather by burning a design on the surface with a heated metallic point.

I am going to use this blog to inform not only about my store but about the art form itself.  I hope you come along for the ride it is going to be a blast!!!